What is Service Point?

Service Point is an anonymised transaction reporting service developed by Spatial Services to facilitate location based reporting for NSW Government.

About Service Point

Service Point enhances service planning and delivery for NSW by adding location intelligence to government services. The Service Point API enables web based recording of geocoded government transactions by capturing de-identified location data at an aggregated Mesh Block1 level. Service Point also supports the aggregation of data by other administrative geographies outlined in the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) such as Statistical Areas 1 to 4 and by Local Government Areas, State Electoral Districts and Federal Electoral Divisions. The service supports the collection, analysis and reporting of government services and their related transaction data in near real-time.

Spatial distribution of providers to NSW Government.

Service Point has the potential to deliver powerful reporting tools by accessing current data from the Service Point Register. This data can be applied in business analytics with the capacity to visualise transactional activity, using appropriate tools, to enhance reporting and decision making capabilities. No need to wait for annual or quarterly reports to be submitted, Service Point will enable Location Based Reporting as the transaction data is uploaded.

Government organisations using web-based forms can take advantage of two primary pathways to integrate Service Point into their digital systems. The first method is to embed the NSW Point Widget 2.0 address validation service into a web based form and activate the Service Point feature. Alternatively organisations can embed the API directly into the web-based service application. Additionally, organisations without access to web based forms or services can submit transactions in bulk to Service Point using the Service Point Browser Geocoder.

1Mesh Blocks are the smallest geographical area defined by the ABS. They are designed as geographic building blocks rather than as areas for the release of statistics themselves. Most Mesh Blocks contain 30 to 60 dwellings. This provides an additional level of confidentiality for data released on the ASGS. SA1, SA2, SA3 and SA4 are larger population based aggregations. Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).

Service Point API

The Service Point API enables developers to implement recording of geocoded government transactions within their own applications.

Activity Register

The Activity Register is a web based administration portal that allows users of Service Point to maintain their organisation, activity and site information.

Browser Geocoder

The Service Point Browser Geocoder is intended for organisations that do not have web based forms or applications but still wish to take advantage of Location Based Reporting.

NSW Point Widget

NSW Point Widget integrates a number of key web services that allows for the validation of a single address against known authoritative address datasets and returns all available geographical and administrative information related to the validated address.

About NSW Point

NSW Point is an address validation service designed to be embedded into government online forms and applications. Benefits include improved service delivery with ease of data entry by utilising predictive text to suggest addresses. The address search accesses a comprehensive authoritative national address repository for validation of physical and postal addresses, and can return the available geographical and administrative information. NSW Point will improve efficiency knowing a valid address is retrieved with each application form in real time, which will reduce fraudulent activity and enable revenue to be collected.